Moving to a New Location

Changing my blog from Succubi Curious to this new name and location.  Why?

  1. The overwhelming majority of what I’m writing is CARCOSA-related, so might as well embrace it.
  2. Looking for ‘Succubi Sunday’ pictures was getting depressing.  Way too many anime and video game inspired efforts, which look mostly identical.

Right now I’m re-reading parts of CARCOSA very closely — rituals & hex descriptions in particular — and picking out the bits of local flavor that Geoffrey left unexplained.  Sunstones, octacles, off-map locations, obscure gods, lots more.  There’s a shitload of great stuff in there that’s just asking to be fleshed out.

Also continuing to write up Hex 1109, working on a short intro adventure, and a bunch of other ideas that are currently just a sentence or two.  I’ll have more posts soon at the new blog — I’ll keep this blog up for about another week, then nuke it.

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Welcome to Succubi Curious

A new gaming blog!

This should be tedious…

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