Succubus Sunday

Poached from another congirls blog.

Simple, natural beauty... I want this costume for my wife.

Currently working on an evil temple mini-scenario, statted up with Realms of Crawling Chaos for Labyrinth Lord.  I’m still really laboring with my creativity… this thing is only 12 rooms and I’ve been dicking around with it for well over a month.  Sinister robed acolytes, Ghouls, Devil Apes, a Succubus, and some smutty goings on in a depraved pleasure cult.  Having trouble finding a voice for it and I keep getting bogged down pondering pointless minutiae, but I’m really hoping to post it before the end of the month.

I hope that completing this will help get me going, as I really want to start in on some new CARCOSA stuff to coincide with the re-release.

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  1. Such costumes are my main inspiration for attending such conventions. It is also nice to see my photos enjoyed by others. I look forward to seeing your website grow.

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