Populating CARCOSA’s Bottomless Lochs

I’m working on a sandbox for the Bottomless Lochs area of CARCOSA and I’m finding that the Beyond the Black Gate Compendium 2010 is a huge help for inspiration.  Here is a random encounter I recently completed:

An aged White Crone (AC7, Move 15, HD4, SA: +2 to all damage, Chaotic), naked & filthy, stands beside the churning pool at the base of a 70′ waterfall.  She slowly tears pages from a sheaf of bound scrolls, crumpling each one before casting it into the swirling maelstrom.  If disturbed, she will turn slowly and request clothing and food in a piteous voice.  Anyone who assists her will be attacked – she has been possessed by some malevolent consciousness and fights to the death with demonic strength.

A bag at her feet holds the plucked heads of 3 Brown Men, one of which still wears a pair of plain silver earrings worth 25sp.  The sheaf of scrolls is a sorcerous workbook: 25% chance that the contents are obviously ruined, 50% a random invoking ritual can be recovered, and 25% a random invoking ritual can be recovered that appears intact but is in fact dangerously incomplete.

If slain, the crone’s body must be burned completely within 24 hours or the horrid entity will escape to seek a new host.

(bone optional)

I had rolled on the ‘Random Slum Encounters’ table from the Compendium to spur my creativity — a 29 gave me ‘An elderly woman sells handmade books of poetry.’  This and other tables within the Compendium are a tremendous resource.  I know that Al’s work is familiar to many and the Compendium’s virtues have been loudly celebrated, but in case you haven’t downloaded it yet… FUCKING DO IT!

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