CARCOSA Ruleset Poll

I’ve got a CARCOSA poll up over at the OD&D boards.  Go over there and vote, or comment here with your choice, or do both if you really want to screw with the results:

“I’m going to be writing a CARCOSA adventure module soon. I’m planning on making it an adventure that can simply be played as such, or be a gateway to sandbox play if the PCs want to go off track (and they will be given ample inducement to do so). 5-6 hexes pulled from the map, detailed with random encounters, random tables for other weirdness, etc.

Probably to include one ‘dungeon’ of about the same size as Geoff’s ‘Fungoid Gardens’, several lairs/cult strongholds/encounter locations of less than a dozen areas, and a bunch of entries that a DM can expand upon.

I’m wondering what rules set would people prefer? Original CARCOSA uses OD&D, but not everyone has access to those books. New CARCOSA uses LotFP, but I’m a little lazy and not feeling up to familiarizing myself with the system if it’s not necessary. Swords & Wizardry… confuses me. I think I have the White Box, just downloaded ‘Core’, aren’t there a couple other versions as well? I can’t keep them straight. LL is probably most confortable to me, but I’m not sure others are ready to make that leap. OSRIC would be interesting, but a lot of work.

I’m inclined to go with OD&D [edit. and I wouldn’t mind LL either], but wanted to see what people prefer, are using for their own campaigns, etc.”

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  1. Hi There,

    I think I am subscriber number 3! Anyway, Love your focus on Carcosa, I can’t say anything as I am still waiting for Raggi to produce it as I missed it the 1st, 2nd, zillionth time around.

    Hopefully when I get the book I might be able to join you in writing a module or 2. I don’t think it will pure blood Carcosa as I want to include the ‘Mars,,’Venus’ kind of pulp adventures + a bit of 1930’s flash gordon which I think would go well.

    One thing, one important thing is that you cant leave the Succcubi behind! You don’t want to do the dirty on the physical incarnation of Lust! Trust me.

    I look forward to reading more stuff!

    Kind regards


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