“The City of the Ancients”

Available in download widget (right column).  From Fight On! #10 and part of that magazine’s ongoing ‘The Darkness Beneath’ megadungeon.  It’s a little slice of CARCOSA transported to a more typical D&D world – a ruined hi-tech city with Irrationalists at one end, Space Aliens at the other, and bizarre horrors in between.  PCs can pick sides or just pilfer goodies from the shadows.  Robots, a hovertank, mutations, the ass-end of a Shub Spawn, a Space Alien lotus den, and much more.  Probably works with Encounter Critical, Mutant Future, and similar systems.

This download does not include the cool art from the magazine: cools monsters, bad guys & city map by Lester B. Portly, dungeon map by Alex Schroeder, and more art by Jennifer Weigel.

Completely unplaytested…!

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CARCOSA Ruleset Poll

I’ve got a CARCOSA poll up over at the OD&D boards.  Go over there and vote, or comment here with your choice, or do both if you really want to screw with the results:

“I’m going to be writing a CARCOSA adventure module soon. I’m planning on making it an adventure that can simply be played as such, or be a gateway to sandbox play if the PCs want to go off track (and they will be given ample inducement to do so). 5-6 hexes pulled from the map, detailed with random encounters, random tables for other weirdness, etc.

Probably to include one ‘dungeon’ of about the same size as Geoff’s ‘Fungoid Gardens’, several lairs/cult strongholds/encounter locations of less than a dozen areas, and a bunch of entries that a DM can expand upon.

I’m wondering what rules set would people prefer? Original CARCOSA uses OD&D, but not everyone has access to those books. New CARCOSA uses LotFP, but I’m a little lazy and not feeling up to familiarizing myself with the system if it’s not necessary. Swords & Wizardry… confuses me. I think I have the White Box, just downloaded ‘Core’, aren’t there a couple other versions as well? I can’t keep them straight. LL is probably most confortable to me, but I’m not sure others are ready to make that leap. OSRIC would be interesting, but a lot of work.

I’m inclined to go with OD&D [edit. and I wouldn’t mind LL either], but wanted to see what people prefer, are using for their own campaigns, etc.”

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Succubus Sunday

She looks a little bored… (found here).

I like the scalemail.

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Where to Go When the Zombies Come

Went to San Pedro on Saturday to watch a fire academy graduation.  They have a pretty nice anti-zombie house they use for training:

Limited access, great sniper sightlines, clear terrain in a 50 yard perimeter… NICE!
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Monster Workshop – Crew of the Zesty Molester

Death stalks foggy shores by night...

4d4+4 Salt Zombies – MV 120′ (40′); AC 8; HD 2+2; ATT 2x rending grasp 1d4+1/1d4+1 or by weapon; SV F2; AL CE; ML 12; AL NE; XP 90.

Wretched thralls to a watery curse, the unfathomably wicked Crew of the Zesty Molester only manifest within 33 miles of the wreck of their ancient raiding cog. These salty fiends prey upon wanderers along the shore, small boats at sea, and isolated coastal residences. Victims are swarmed from ambush, dragged into the water and drowned, the sodden corpses discarded to wash ashore. Any valuables are sequestered within their wrecked vessel.

Locals know that on moonless, foggy nights doors should be bolted, windows shuttered, watch fires lit – on portentous evenings just such, there is a base 1% chance that the Crew of the Zesty Molester arise from the depths in search of violence & plunder. Among its despicable pages, Shymander’s Nauticopia recounts details of a ritual that anyone may use to summon these salty fiends without fail. Darkness, proximity to the wreck of the Zesty Molester, and a captive female as sacrifice are the primary requirements – control of these undead buccaneers is not thusly guaranteed, but they will arrive predisposed to consider errands of grim mayhem.

Clerical turning has no effect upon these creatures. They have all typical undead invulnerabilities. Additionally, they receive a save vs. spells at +3 to withstand any magic or effect that targets undead, evil, or chaos. If magical fire is presented strongly, they will disperse for at least 24 hours. In any event, at first light of dawn they will slink back to the nautical nether-Hell whence they came.

Killing these monsters in combat or dispersing them only removes the threat temporarily – they will eventually re-materialize again to terrorize the living. Destroying them for good requires that the wreck of the Zesty Molester be raised and then consumed in a cleansing ceremonial bonfire.

Individual zombies carry nothing of value (unless intercepted skulking home with recent plunder). Their shipwreck contains accumulated booty of 1190cp, 5371sp, 2015gp, and mixed gems & jewelry worth 3902gp. The DM should include additional magical or unique treasures as befits the campaign.

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‘Ten Dooms of the Icy Wastes’

Available in the download widget (right column).  Originally published in Fight On! #9.  10 encounters suitable for the Icy Wastes of CARCOSA, or any similarly-themed science-fantasy campaign:

  1. Fungoid Abomination of the Realms of Frost (rampaging Spawn of Shub)
  2. Field of Icy Bones (Tundra Wyrm ambush)
  3. Lair of the Frozen Pudding (Black Pudding surprise)
  4. The Fate of the Witch (damsel-not-exactly-in-distress)
  5. The Crippled Machine (aeons-old robot carries out murderous programming)
  6. The Lost Fane (I’thaquan cult location)
  7. The Fallen Saucer (Space Alien vs. Spawn of Shub Mexican stand-off)
  8. Ice Garden of the Old One (wanna meet I’thaqua?)
  9. The Ice Giants (big ol’ mutants)
  10. The Crawling Caves (randomized cavecrawl)

Missing from the download is the artwork from the magazine – an incredible rendition of the Tundra Wyrm by Patrick Farley and a cool, smashed Space Alien flying saucer by Kesher.

Man, I love writing shit for CARCOSA and I’m stoked that Fight On! has been so open to submissions.

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Succubus Sunday

Today is Tuesday?  Well, gotta start somewhere.  Redhead Succubus found here.

WoW finally proves its worth.
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Welcome to Succubi Curious

A new gaming blog!

This should be tedious…

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