Moving to a New Location

Changing my blog from Succubi Curious to this new name and location.  Why?

  1. The overwhelming majority of what I’m writing is CARCOSA-related, so might as well embrace it.
  2. Looking for ‘Succubi Sunday’ pictures was getting depressing.  Way too many anime and video game inspired efforts, which look mostly identical.

Right now I’m re-reading parts of CARCOSA very closely — rituals & hex descriptions in particular — and picking out the bits of local flavor that Geoffrey left unexplained.  Sunstones, octacles, off-map locations, obscure gods, lots more.  There’s a shitload of great stuff in there that’s just asking to be fleshed out.

Also continuing to write up Hex 1109, working on a short intro adventure, and a bunch of other ideas that are currently just a sentence or two.  I’ll have more posts soon at the new blog — I’ll keep this blog up for about another week, then nuke it.

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CARCOSA: Hex 1109

I’m working on a sandbox for one of the Thaggasoth Peaks hexes.  Scale is 3 hexes = 1 mile.  Kinda tight, but I’m inspired by the wilderness map from Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun and that’s the scale used there.  Movement will be constrained — no mounts on the hill and mountain hexes, and foot movement will be much slower than standard and frequently interrupted to roll on random tables that result in encounters, accidents, or glimpses of local color.

Here’s the map so far —

Mountains dark and drear...

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Found: One Hexcrawl

Just lay a grid of hexes over this map and you’re ready to rock.  Full story here.

Someone please stat this up!

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Fight On! #12 Released

I’m very happy to have an article in this one, ‘Pigdivot!’ with map & concept courtesy of Greengoat.  It’s just a little village you can plop into your campaign, either as a base of operations for the PCs or as a stop on the way somewhere else.  Lots of adventure hooks are included, along with colorful characters.

I encourage all four readers of this blog to pick up a copy.  Here are details of the entire issue:

I would like to play in this campaign...!

Mutants! Androids! Robots! Pure Strain Humans! Fight On! is back, with another 88 pages of gut-wrenching, laser-pulsing, fist-pounding action! Rules variants, tables, adventures large and small, science fiction and fantasy, races, classes, monsters, spells, magic items, NPCs, history, opinion, and lore can be found herein! Featuring art and articles by Mark Allen, Ian Baggley, Lee Barber, Erin “Taichara” Bisson, Daniel Boggs, David Bowman, Simon Bull, David Coleman, Fat Cotton, Michael Curtis, Liz Danforth, Ndege Diamond, Ron Edwards, Kelvin Green, Tim Kask, John Larrey, John Laviolette, Lester, Gabor Lux, Heron Prior, Jeff Rients, Chris Robert, Zak S., Alex Schroeder, Jason Sholtis, Tim “Sniderman” Snider, Jennifer Weigel, and this issue’s dedicatee James M. Ward, alongside many others! If want to take your FRP experience to the next level, don’t delay – buy this issue and Fight On!

The print version is available here:

and the PDF is available here:

To encourage you to check us out, we have put two other products on SALE along with the release of Issue 12. These prices won’t last forever! The Fight On! Compiled Compilation +4, combining our first four fabulous issues under one cover, can currently be purchased for $19.99; and Roll the Bones, our well-reviewed collection of fantastic fiction, is available for just $14.99. We’d be honored if you checked one or both out!

The compilation is available here:

and Roll the Bones is available here:

If you buy by the end of the day TOMORROW (July 15), you can save even more on all of these – lulu is offering a site-wide discount of 20% off everything with the coupon BIG (BIG305AU, BIG305UK for some foreign readers), making this one of the best times to check us out for the first time or check back in if you’ve missed a few issues! While you’re at it, check out some other lulu gaming products – there is a ton of good stuff on there from all kinds of producers.

Thanks for your interest, and whether you pick up an issue or not, keep fighting on!

Table of Contents
Champions of ZED (Daniel Boggs) 3
Fast Company II – Nonhumans (Schroeder & Shieh) 11
It’s All in the Cards (Michael Curtis) 12
The Tomb of Kaman-Doh Rey’d (David Coleman) 17
The Apen (Andrew “The Venomous Pao” Trent) 20
Geologians (Tim “Sniderman” Snider) 22
The Witch Doctor (Scott Moberly) 24
Knights & Knaves (Barber, Green, Rients, & Cal) 25
Grognard’s Grimoire (Erin “Taichara” Bisson) 27
The City State of Dusal Dagodli (Gabor Lux) 28
The Darkness Beneath (Heron Prior & David Bowman) 32
Education of a Magic User (Douglas Cox) 44
Doxy, Urgent Care Cleric (J. Linneman & K. Green) 45
Sir Tendeth (Tim “Sniderman” Snider) 46
Creepies & Crawlies (T. Snider and Jeffrey P. Talanian) 60
Monstrous Ecology (Ron Edwards) 63
Random’s Assortment (Peter Jensen & Random) 64
Curses Gone Wild! (John Laviolette) 65
Artifacts, Adjuncts, & Oddments (Jason Sholtis) 67
Treasure Types (Simon Bull) 68
Dungeon Modules: The Rondo Rooms (Jeff Rients) 69
Pigdivot! (Chris Robert) 72
Where the Action Is (Zak S.) 80
Merlyn’s Mystical Mirror (Gabor Lux & Jo Kreil) 84
Notes from a Master (James M. Ward & Tim Kask) 86

Front cover by Mark Allen ( Back cover by Kevin Mayle. Fight On! logo by Jeff Rients. Jim Ward photos by John Sapienza, Jr. and Breck Ward. Interior art and cartography by Jason Sholtis (4,9,21,67), OSRCon ( 6), Fat Cotton (7,80), (10), Anthony Stiller (12,64), Black Blade Publishing (blackblade 13), Liz Danforth (15), Hudson Bell (16), David Coleman (17), Netherwerks (netherwerks.blogspot. com: 18,42), Lawrence Raymond (18), Ndege Diamond (19,33,40,47), Lester (22,60,61,86), Centers for Disease Control (24), Kelvin Green (25,45,65), Lee Barber (26,51, Creepies & Crawlies logo, Knights & Knaves logo), Alex Schroeder (27,34), Gabor Lux (28,29,30), Antonio Sant’ Elia (31), Robert S. Conley ( 32), Heron Prior (37,48,51,52,53,57), Bronze Age Miniatures (bronze 41), Douglas Cox (44), Tim “Sniderman” Snider (46), DEI Games (, 46), John Larrey (54,63), Ian Baggley (62), Jennifer Weigel (69,74,79), Matthew Howerter (70), Kevin Mayle (72), Greengoat (75), Peter Schmidt Jensen (83), Henchman Abuse (henchman 84), and F. Douglas Wall Publishing ( 85).

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Succubus Sunday

Poached from another congirls blog.

Simple, natural beauty... I want this costume for my wife.

Currently working on an evil temple mini-scenario, statted up with Realms of Crawling Chaos for Labyrinth Lord.  I’m still really laboring with my creativity… this thing is only 12 rooms and I’ve been dicking around with it for well over a month.  Sinister robed acolytes, Ghouls, Devil Apes, a Succubus, and some smutty goings on in a depraved pleasure cult.  Having trouble finding a voice for it and I keep getting bogged down pondering pointless minutiae, but I’m really hoping to post it before the end of the month.

I hope that completing this will help get me going, as I really want to start in on some new CARCOSA stuff to coincide with the re-release.

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Spawn Gone Wild!

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC9, MV 6[land] 9[fly], HD4, SA immobilizing vapors & acid spray, SD infra- and ultra-vision, AL C): a grey amoeboid with no external features but exceptional vision, it continuously wafts paralytic vapors that are effective at melee range and require a save vs. paralysis at -3 to withstand.

Now I lay me down to sleep…

This skulking fiend flaps down from starry skies to feed upon the helpless.  It typically selects small children, the infirm, or the disabled for victims.  It is a silent killer – the unfortunate is rapidly engulfed, the paralytic fumes ensuring that any struggle is stifled.  Powerful digestive acids dissolve the body within an hour and the spawn then makes its escape.  It has no standard attack (although its fumes are effective against melee attackers), but can spray a stream of digestive acid (2D damage) up to 30′ three times per day.

This beast’s ectoplasm can be distilled into several vials of a potent contact anesthetic, quite valuable if a sophisticated buyer can be found.

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Succubus Sunday

This, and other cosplay hotties, found here.

Merry Christmas?

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Populating CARCOSA’s Bottomless Lochs

I’m working on a sandbox for the Bottomless Lochs area of CARCOSA and I’m finding that the Beyond the Black Gate Compendium 2010 is a huge help for inspiration.  Here is a random encounter I recently completed:

An aged White Crone (AC7, Move 15, HD4, SA: +2 to all damage, Chaotic), naked & filthy, stands beside the churning pool at the base of a 70′ waterfall.  She slowly tears pages from a sheaf of bound scrolls, crumpling each one before casting it into the swirling maelstrom.  If disturbed, she will turn slowly and request clothing and food in a piteous voice.  Anyone who assists her will be attacked – she has been possessed by some malevolent consciousness and fights to the death with demonic strength.

A bag at her feet holds the plucked heads of 3 Brown Men, one of which still wears a pair of plain silver earrings worth 25sp.  The sheaf of scrolls is a sorcerous workbook: 25% chance that the contents are obviously ruined, 50% a random invoking ritual can be recovered, and 25% a random invoking ritual can be recovered that appears intact but is in fact dangerously incomplete.

If slain, the crone’s body must be burned completely within 24 hours or the horrid entity will escape to seek a new host.

(bone optional)

I had rolled on the ‘Random Slum Encounters’ table from the Compendium to spur my creativity — a 29 gave me ‘An elderly woman sells handmade books of poetry.’  This and other tables within the Compendium are a tremendous resource.  I know that Al’s work is familiar to many and the Compendium’s virtues have been loudly celebrated, but in case you haven’t downloaded it yet… FUCKING DO IT!

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“The City of the Ancients”

Available in download widget (right column).  From Fight On! #10 and part of that magazine’s ongoing ‘The Darkness Beneath’ megadungeon.  It’s a little slice of CARCOSA transported to a more typical D&D world – a ruined hi-tech city with Irrationalists at one end, Space Aliens at the other, and bizarre horrors in between.  PCs can pick sides or just pilfer goodies from the shadows.  Robots, a hovertank, mutations, the ass-end of a Shub Spawn, a Space Alien lotus den, and much more.  Probably works with Encounter Critical, Mutant Future, and similar systems.

This download does not include the cool art from the magazine: cools monsters, bad guys & city map by Lester B. Portly, dungeon map by Alex Schroeder, and more art by Jennifer Weigel.

Completely unplaytested…!

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CARCOSA Ruleset Poll

I’ve got a CARCOSA poll up over at the OD&D boards.  Go over there and vote, or comment here with your choice, or do both if you really want to screw with the results:

“I’m going to be writing a CARCOSA adventure module soon. I’m planning on making it an adventure that can simply be played as such, or be a gateway to sandbox play if the PCs want to go off track (and they will be given ample inducement to do so). 5-6 hexes pulled from the map, detailed with random encounters, random tables for other weirdness, etc.

Probably to include one ‘dungeon’ of about the same size as Geoff’s ‘Fungoid Gardens’, several lairs/cult strongholds/encounter locations of less than a dozen areas, and a bunch of entries that a DM can expand upon.

I’m wondering what rules set would people prefer? Original CARCOSA uses OD&D, but not everyone has access to those books. New CARCOSA uses LotFP, but I’m a little lazy and not feeling up to familiarizing myself with the system if it’s not necessary. Swords & Wizardry… confuses me. I think I have the White Box, just downloaded ‘Core’, aren’t there a couple other versions as well? I can’t keep them straight. LL is probably most confortable to me, but I’m not sure others are ready to make that leap. OSRIC would be interesting, but a lot of work.

I’m inclined to go with OD&D [edit. and I wouldn’t mind LL either], but wanted to see what people prefer, are using for their own campaigns, etc.”

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